Sunday, December 19, 2010

Xmas Postcard #3 + Dinner Menu Complication

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So I've shown this postcard to few and sent to 9 people. And the feedback I got was interesting.

- It's mean!
- It's sad.
- It's gross.
- It's cruel!
- Poor Santa.
- I want cookie...

and etc. Don't worry, Santa is okay. This happens to Santa all the time so they are always prepared with backup Santa. Lol.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday afternoon. I'm sure some of you are relaxing with your kids and family or experiencing hangover from last night's last Christmas party with friends/coworkers or doing last minute Christmas shopping. Or is it too early to call it that? Well what ever you are doing, I hope you are enjoying it and preparing for the Holidays.

Only 6 days left till Christmas! I'm so glad that I finalized the Christmas menu. For a whole month, my husband, my brother and my parents were fighting over what they want to eat for Christmas. My husband wants Ham, my brother wants Turkey and my parents want Chicken. And the winner is Ham. My parents don't want turkey for sure and don't mind ham. My brother doesn't want chicken for sure but doesn't mind ham so we all settled on HAM. I'm glad that's over.

What's your Christmas dinner menu? Just don't end up eating too much desserts and end up like that Santa up there.

Check back tomorrow for Postcard #4!!!

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