Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wedding Goodies!

We got our wedding goodies!!!

I want to thank our wedding photographer, StudioJeanie and our wedding videographer, Love Story Media for delivering all the wedding goodies just before Christmas!

It just made our Christmas even more joyful!

Ever since our wedding in May 2010, I couldn't wait to check out our wedding video and wedding album. And it looks amazing!

The DVD turned out so great. The editing, the song picks and everything. All the moods are captured so nicely as it was and it's summed up nicely into 45 minutes. All the important events are just fully packed in there. It reminded me that I don't have to fast forward over 9 hours of VHS which I did with my parents' wedding video. Haha.

Check out our wedding trailer again!

We received 5 DVDs. We better get busy sending these out to our family after New Year. I can't wait for them to see it!

The wedding album is so elegant! We were both so surprised with the quality of the album. It's manmade leather and very strong. We wanted an album that will last a long time and we are sure it will last our lifetime. The photos Jeanie take speaks for itself. I'm not a photographer but as an artist myself, the photos she take and edits she does on each photos are just amazing. We love the way she captures the moments and making sure photos are soft.

Love the packaging! I love how Jeanie thinks about little details like this.

We also received our choice of photo, printed and framed. It's hanging in our living room wall and we are loving it. :)

Thanks again Love Story Media and StudioJeanie for a fantastic work!!! I also want to thank our wedding planner, Sarah Shore from DreamGroup for introducing us to them!

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