Friday, December 17, 2010

Xmas Postcard #1 + Christmas Decor

Click on image to enlarge!

"Can't stop thinking about those sweet pepperminty curved sticks!!" - Fat Reindeer

I've been wanting to draw deers for a long time so I did it and I loved it.

Also, check out our Christmas decorations around the house! The white angel flew all the way from Korea! Literally! From my awesome friend Hyoji unnie!

Quite honestly, we are broke after our wedding so I decided to make some of the Christmas decorations myself. I'm not very good at crafting as you can see but it was fun! I felt like a little kid again! Also, this is really our first time decorating our place. When we lived in Yaletown apartment, they were so strict about christmas trees and decorations since it's fire hazard and the apartments are super tiny. So couldn't decorate our place close to 3-4 years. Next year I want Christmas Tree! :)

Did you decorate your place? It's fun isn't it?

Happy Holidays! Check back tomorrow for Postcard #2!!! :)


Lisa said...

Ooooo! My nail polish! :P

Lisa said...

wtf this was meant for the last post when you were holding the envelope... :(

but comment for this post:
OMG this is SO FUNNy!! I wanted this one!!!!

miran said...

Yup I was wearing your nail polish Hehe~ I love it so much~ Thank you!! :D

HAHaha ya I showed it a lil bit too much on my last post butttt this is full version of the postcard! And tomorrow will be a new one! XD