Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Full of Ham on Christmas

I've been meaning to blog the day after Christmas and I just kept pushing and pushing and got distracted! So here it is!

How was everyone's Christmas?? Hope everyone had a good one!

Ours was great!!!! We baked cookies, gave crumbs to Ellye, made Ham Christmas dinner, ate bunch of food, watched Die Hard which is one of my dad's favorite movie and lots of family time! I just felt bad that we couldn't get our family any Christmas presents this year since we are still broke from our wedding and the move! :( But we promise that we will get them gifts for 2011 Christmas since my husband and I plan on working our butts off to save up money again.

Also, we are thankful for those who gave us Christmas presents this year. We love it!!

Check out some of the photos I took on Christmas Eve & Day!

Ellye was eyeing on our butter cookies!

I used some food coloring to decorate our breakfast.

MMmm Ham! Leftover ham is still delicious! You can put them in your breakfast, sandwich, pasta and all sorts!

Check out some photos I took with my iPhone using Instagram app!

Aren't they really cool? I love their filters! Got to play around with them more!

So 3 days left till New Year's Eve! What are you doing on New Year's? My husband is cooking for me so I'm super excited! :) It's going to be a surprise menu too so I just can't wait!

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Kailyn said...

Looks you had an awesome Christmas! Such a lovely time of the year to enjoy the company of family and love ones! :D And beautiful decorations by the way! Thank You for the Christmas Postcard, it's beautiful and so personalized! Looking forward to the New Year! *big hugs*