Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Christmas Postcards Sneak peek!

Check out the sneak peek of the Christmas postcards that I designed excluding the one that was designed by my husband. :)

Check back starting from tomorrow till next Wednesday to see the full designs! I will post one of each every day~

Few of you asked me if they are on sale. No, they aren't. I've designed them for personal use to send it to my family and friends to wish them Merry Christmas~

The quality of the postcards are superb! I love!


steen said...

i'm excited!!! also, is that china glaze "cheers to you" nail polish? if not it looks identical. i just bought it, it's super pretty :D

miran said...

nope it's ORLY. Got it from my best friend for my bday present! I love it so much!! :D