Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gone to tumblr!

I moved! To the link above! 

Tumblr seem to have less spam, easy comment tools, lot organized, looks clean and pretty. 

I loved Blogger but apparently they own the rights to all your posts and pictures. 
So good bye, blogspot!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wedding Goodies!

We got our wedding goodies!!!

I want to thank our wedding photographer, StudioJeanie and our wedding videographer, Love Story Media for delivering all the wedding goodies just before Christmas!

It just made our Christmas even more joyful!

Ever since our wedding in May 2010, I couldn't wait to check out our wedding video and wedding album. And it looks amazing!

The DVD turned out so great. The editing, the song picks and everything. All the moods are captured so nicely as it was and it's summed up nicely into 45 minutes. All the important events are just fully packed in there. It reminded me that I don't have to fast forward over 9 hours of VHS which I did with my parents' wedding video. Haha.

Check out our wedding trailer again!

We received 5 DVDs. We better get busy sending these out to our family after New Year. I can't wait for them to see it!

The wedding album is so elegant! We were both so surprised with the quality of the album. It's manmade leather and very strong. We wanted an album that will last a long time and we are sure it will last our lifetime. The photos Jeanie take speaks for itself. I'm not a photographer but as an artist myself, the photos she take and edits she does on each photos are just amazing. We love the way she captures the moments and making sure photos are soft.

Love the packaging! I love how Jeanie thinks about little details like this.

We also received our choice of photo, printed and framed. It's hanging in our living room wall and we are loving it. :)

Thanks again Love Story Media and StudioJeanie for a fantastic work!!! I also want to thank our wedding planner, Sarah Shore from DreamGroup for introducing us to them!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Full of Ham on Christmas

I've been meaning to blog the day after Christmas and I just kept pushing and pushing and got distracted! So here it is!

How was everyone's Christmas?? Hope everyone had a good one!

Ours was great!!!! We baked cookies, gave crumbs to Ellye, made Ham Christmas dinner, ate bunch of food, watched Die Hard which is one of my dad's favorite movie and lots of family time! I just felt bad that we couldn't get our family any Christmas presents this year since we are still broke from our wedding and the move! :( But we promise that we will get them gifts for 2011 Christmas since my husband and I plan on working our butts off to save up money again.

Also, we are thankful for those who gave us Christmas presents this year. We love it!!

Check out some of the photos I took on Christmas Eve & Day!

Ellye was eyeing on our butter cookies!

I used some food coloring to decorate our breakfast.

MMmm Ham! Leftover ham is still delicious! You can put them in your breakfast, sandwich, pasta and all sorts!

Check out some photos I took with my iPhone using Instagram app!

Aren't they really cool? I love their filters! Got to play around with them more!

So 3 days left till New Year's Eve! What are you doing on New Year's? My husband is cooking for me so I'm super excited! :) It's going to be a surprise menu too so I just can't wait!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Xmas Postcard #6!!! The last Postcard!

Click on image to enlarge!


Yup! This is the last postcard! This has been an awesome experience to make postcards and I loved it. I want to make some more for myself in the future for sure. 

I want to thank for those who have been checking out my blog for 6 days of Christmas Postcard updates!

I'm currently working on a drawing for my dad's birthday which is in December 24th! Will try to blog about it before Christmas if I'm not too busy baking cookies and getting ready for Christmas dinner~

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Xmas Postcard #5!

Click on image to enlarge!

"Merry Christmas" in German.

Christmas Angel in Germany. Isn't she gorgeous? I've never been to Germany but my husband grew up there for close to 6 years. We hope that one day we will celebrate our Christmas there.

This youtube video might give you an idea what it's like down there! :) Perfect to bring your kids!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Xmas Postcard #4 by Corey

Click on image to enlarge!

A Postcard #4 by my husband, Corey McDaniel!

At the beginning, I planed on doing all 6 postcards myself but then figured if it's FROM The McDaniels then my husband should contribute and make one too. So I made 5 and he made 1. But honestly out of all the postcards, this is looking the best. Mine doesn't feel like postcard where as his does and it's actually FUNNY and cute!

My husband is my hero and I'm his #1 fan. :)

Check back tomorrow for Postcard #5!!

"A Foolish Christmas Message" from Jessica B.

A Foolish Christmas Message from Foolish K. Bunny on Vimeo.

I'm SUPER stoked about this! Possibly the best Christmas present I will be getting this year! :)

I love her work so much! Check out her blogs!

Oh! and don't forget to check back later this afternoon for Xmas Postcard #4!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Xmas Postcard #3 + Dinner Menu Complication

Click on image to enlarge!

So I've shown this postcard to few and sent to 9 people. And the feedback I got was interesting.

- It's mean!
- It's sad.
- It's gross.
- It's cruel!
- Poor Santa.
- I want cookie...

and etc. Don't worry, Santa is okay. This happens to Santa all the time so they are always prepared with backup Santa. Lol.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday afternoon. I'm sure some of you are relaxing with your kids and family or experiencing hangover from last night's last Christmas party with friends/coworkers or doing last minute Christmas shopping. Or is it too early to call it that? Well what ever you are doing, I hope you are enjoying it and preparing for the Holidays.

Only 6 days left till Christmas! I'm so glad that I finalized the Christmas menu. For a whole month, my husband, my brother and my parents were fighting over what they want to eat for Christmas. My husband wants Ham, my brother wants Turkey and my parents want Chicken. And the winner is Ham. My parents don't want turkey for sure and don't mind ham. My brother doesn't want chicken for sure but doesn't mind ham so we all settled on HAM. I'm glad that's over.

What's your Christmas dinner menu? Just don't end up eating too much desserts and end up like that Santa up there.

Check back tomorrow for Postcard #4!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Xmas Postcard #2 + Santa Ellye

Click on image to enlarge!

Nutcracker! I would like to own one of these myself one days! Not to use them but to display them! I think they are so cute!

7 days left till Christmas! Yay! And here is Ellye as Santa! Haha.

Check back tomorrow for Postcard #3!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Xmas Postcard #1 + Christmas Decor

Click on image to enlarge!

"Can't stop thinking about those sweet pepperminty curved sticks!!" - Fat Reindeer

I've been wanting to draw deers for a long time so I did it and I loved it.

Also, check out our Christmas decorations around the house! The white angel flew all the way from Korea! Literally! From my awesome friend Hyoji unnie!

Quite honestly, we are broke after our wedding so I decided to make some of the Christmas decorations myself. I'm not very good at crafting as you can see but it was fun! I felt like a little kid again! Also, this is really our first time decorating our place. When we lived in Yaletown apartment, they were so strict about christmas trees and decorations since it's fire hazard and the apartments are super tiny. So couldn't decorate our place close to 3-4 years. Next year I want Christmas Tree! :)

Did you decorate your place? It's fun isn't it?

Happy Holidays! Check back tomorrow for Postcard #2!!! :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Christmas Postcards Sneak peek!

Check out the sneak peek of the Christmas postcards that I designed excluding the one that was designed by my husband. :)

Check back starting from tomorrow till next Wednesday to see the full designs! I will post one of each every day~

Few of you asked me if they are on sale. No, they aren't. I've designed them for personal use to send it to my family and friends to wish them Merry Christmas~

The quality of the postcards are superb! I love!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Very Gundarr Christmas

Christmas short made by my husband and his friends!

Warning: Mature Audience Only!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why Can't We be Happy Making Animation?

Nothing much has been going on yet I've been quite busy with a lot of things. Since 2011 is creeping up, I've been having these urges to clean the house inside and out and throw away a lot of junks. Since my husband and I are in animation industry, we do have a lot of papers hanging around. Plus, I like to keep boxes of receipts and bills.

Speaking of Animation Industry, Check out this article!!

They pretty much talk about the problems in Vancouver Animation Industry.

It is 6 pages of texts. Yes, I'm sure most of you will read couple paragraphs (or sentences) and close the window but honestly, if you got some time and patience and are in animation biz, it might be interesting to read.

These are the quotes that I find it very interesting.

"And this past spring, two big U.S. studios, Pixar Animation Studios and Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc., opened satellite offices in downtown Vancouver, which combined are expected to introduce more than 100 new jobs to the city.

This growth is no doubt a testament to the skill of Vancouver’s animators, talent either developed in local schools or attracted to the city by Vancouver’s reputation as a mecca for the creative class. But the industry’s success is also based on something far less glamorous than brilliant artists – namely, massive government subsidy in the form of provincial tax credits worth roughly 50 per cent of a production’s labour costs."

"This side of the business, the art, is the company’s biggest challenge. Without success here, no business plan in the world will succeed. And none of it is easy. “It takes a long time to gestate, develop and find the character, find their arc, put the structure of a story together and find a look that works with it,” says Winder. “All those things can’t be rushed . . . and not everyone can do it.” "

"animators are attracted to companies that are producing their own titles because they offer a chance for artists to play a bigger role in the creative process."

"At first glance, it would seem strange that there should be a skills shortage in Vancouver at all, considering the number of B.C. schools churning out animators every year (Capilano University, Vancouver Film School and the Centre for Digital Media, to name the key ones). But Ernst Young’s Clarance says he’s heard of companies that bring in 20 to 40 employees every year from outside Canada for lack of local talent. That’s because a swarm of fresh grads isn’t what a company such as Rainmaker needs, explains Winder. “Not everybody’s good,” she says bluntly. “There’s a lot of junior talent, but it’s that higher-level specialty talent that everybody wants.”

However, there’s also a strong case to be made that the studios themselves are partly to blame for the shortage of experienced talent. “It’s cause and effect,” says Rosenpigs creator Aaron White. “If you have a skills shortage, look at the lifestyle of the people in your industry.” A culture of long hours and tight deadlines prevails in the local sector, he says, and it’s damaging: “It’s not sustainable. What you wind up with is an industry with very few experienced older people to teach the younger people, because they burn out.”

The tough conditions are compounded by uncertainty, he adds. An animator finishing up one contract often doesn’t know when the next one is coming. It makes it difficult to, say, put down money on a mortgage and start a family, things experienced animators in their 30s are likely to be interested in. “It’s incredibly hard to stay put when you can’t get steady, full-time work,” White says. “The most talented peers I have, they’ve moved out of animation.”

What do you think about this article? I feel relieved that someone said this out loud and it's been published online as an article. This is something everyone talks about without a doubt. And I am aware that this is no one's fault or to be blamed since this is how it's been and it is what it is but can this be changed? I can only hope. I got to say that I've only been in this industry for 3 years and I'm already feeling burnt out. Am I weak? Maybe. But I think this article says a lot about being in Animation Industry in Vancouver. Don't you think?