Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I love Fall

My favorite season of the year is here! FALL!

I love fall! Everything about Fall makes me feel so fuzzy inside. 

Here are 10 reasons why I love Fall!

1. Boots! I love boots. Every time I walk into shoes stores, first thing I do is look for boots and try on boots! Sometimes I wear boots during summer time with skirt! Why not? Heh.

2. Long coat! I seriously own at least 15 med-long coats. I have pink, black, green, blue, brown and white coats! This is why my husband yells at me if I want to buy a new one!

3. Tasty soups! I loveeee eating soup during Fall. It just goes so well with the weather. Chicken noodle soup is my favorite! And Korean Tofu soup!

4. Halloween! I love celebrating Halloween day. Nuff said!

5. Prepping for Christmas! Again, who doesn't love Christmas? Where ever you go it's all Christmas themed. I'm listening to Christmas song right now as I type!

6. Fall trees! It's weird how nature works. As the weather gets colder the leaves turn yellow, orange, brown and golden colors. All warm colors. Even though it's cold out, when I stare in to those trees it make me feel warm!

7. Birthdays! My mom and I's birthday is in November! 10 days apart!

8. Blankets! I know this may sound childish but I like to warp myself in blankets and watch tv. You can't do that in summer! 

9. Cinnamon everything! Cinnamon scented candles, candies, pancake, cinnamon rolls, coffee from Starbucks and more. I enjoy it more during Fall~ It's funny cause I used to hate cinnamon but I heart it now.

10. Packed with happiness! Fall for me is just packed with events and good memories. I love fall. :)

Walking Ellye is so much fun these days cause it's funny to watch her go crazy trying to grab all the leaves on the ground! It can be a headache though if you want to have a smooth quiet walk. Hah.

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