Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekend Happiness

A fabulous weekend has gone by and it's already Tuesday. I can't believe it's almost halfway into weekdays. Feels like just couple hours ago I was sitting in my dining table enjoying my birthday party.

It was a surprise birthday tea party that was thrown by my most wonderful friends that I will treasure for rest of my life. Everyone did so well trying to hide this party from me. Including my husband, my brother AND my parents. Especially my mom, who normally isn't so good at hiding things from me~ ;) Again, I want to thank everyone for the party and those who wished me happy birthdays. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family and friends!

The weekend was packed with surprises and happiness. Snow was my first gift from mother nature. It really started to pile up 30 minutes before my birthday. I just had to go outside with Ellye and play with snow till past midnight. Then, a birthday breakfast by my mom. Seaweed soup! It's tradition in Korea to eat seaweed soup on your birthday. Then, a surprise birthday party by my friends and my husband when I came home for lunch. Then, birthday dinner with one of my best friend and her boyfriend. Sunday was mainly relaxing, do nothing and playing The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess on Wii day. And birthday dinner with my brother. Also, I got a job offer too which I took! So I'm all set for 2011! :D

I told you it was a packed weekend!! :) It's surprise surprise every year. Did I mention that Ellye was a surprise birthday gift from my husband last year with a help from our friend? I seriously had no idea even till I got to the place to check out the puppies! Cause I thought my friend was getting a puppy. Not me! I bawled my eyes out immediately after my husband said, "Pick one". Lol. Good times.

Check out some of the photos my friends and I took over the weekend!

Snow snow snow!!!!! Thank you mother nature!

Photo taken by Shirley. All cooked and baked by my friends for my birthday tea party! They are all so talented!

Photos taken by Athena. Some shots from the party. Loved the decoration & food!

The gifts I've received!

Handmade birthday card from my hubby! Isn't it cute?

My hubby & I. I heart him!

We went a little crazy with the balloons. Haha. And nah, she is not being tortured. She actually loves balloons. We popped all the balloons but one for Ellye to play with!

After my birthday weekend, I've been pretty busy with my Christmas postcards! Will post updates soon!

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