Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Postcards Postcards Postcards.... Post.. cards.."

These days all I'm thinking about is "Must get Christmas postcard designs finished!"

That's the first thing I think of when I wake up, after finishing lunch, after finishing dinner, after cleaning the house and just whenever I'm done with something I HAVE to do during the day. 

I've gave myself 4 days to design each postcards and only counting 4-5 hours a day since I still got to do chores around the house. Can't just ignore all that cause then the house will fall apart and my husband will starve. Lol. 

My birthday is exactly a week away from today. And honestly, I have no time to think about that. I am aware that it's coming and I am excited but that's about it! I'm just going to let my husband do all the planning! Heh.

"Postcards Postcards Postcards Postcards Postcard.... Post.. cards.." It rings in my head! 

So far I've done 2 postcards out of 6. So far so good and I am very satisfied! :) I am super tempted to post what I've done so far but my husband tells me that it's more of an wow factor when I'm all done 6 and post it all up at the same time. I definitely agree but I can't help the temptation! Lol. 

Anyways, tomorrow I'm starting postcard #3! Looks like I won't be blogging again till I'm done with #3 postcard and have some spare time~ 

If you are working on something Christmasy, share it with me! :)


steen said...

ooooh! i'm trying to do postcards too! feeling the pressure to get them printed in time! i'm excited to see what you do :D and i might want one or two.. haha

miran said...

COol!! I can't wait to see yours!!! Are you doing Danny in Christmas theme? That will be super cute!

I know what you mean by feeling pressured into finishing it on time for print.. That's why I scheduled mine. XD So it's like almost like work feeling. I'm going to order around Nov.27 so it arrives to me early December so I can send it off. I'm going to get printed from How about u? Any other good place for suggestion? :P

steen said...

yes i'm doing danny! haha.. i was going to use moo as well, i don't know of many print places that are good quality.. there's a few sites i've seen but you have to order in bulk, which is really expensive if you don't know what the finished product will look like. and i also like how moo lets you use a bunch of designs, and not just one!

Kuan-Fu Chen said...

wow~~I wanna see your postcards!!! I am gonna be finished by friday. I can visit and draw together again :)

miran said...

Steen: Ya totally! That's what I love about Hehe. Having more than one design printed in one bulk! still thinking whether I should get 60 or 120 though.. Hmm. XD

Fufu: For sure! I will show you when you come over! :D I'm going to send you one as well~ ;) Can't wait till you are done so we could hang!