Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Thought Bubbles are Fighting to be #1 Thought

Today is my random day.

A lot of things are boggling in my head right now. I see at least 5 different thought bubbles on top of my head trying to get my attention first...

"The weather is getting cold. Should I buy some more winter clothes? But I got tons already. Maybe not?"

"It was windy and rainy awhile ago and now it's all sunny outside! Should I take Ellye out for a run? What if it rains right when I take her out?"

"I've done 4 Christmas Postcards out of 6. What should my next card be about?"

"What should I make for dinner? Pasta? Rice? Meat? Salad?"

"Cat litter needs to be cleaned but it stinks... Maybe I will do it later.."

"Needs to mop around the house. I can see Ellye's footprints from earlier today when she walked in from her walk."

"There is iPhone 4 shipment coming in tomorrow at Lougheedmall Rogers. Hope I can get it."

"I should go mop and clean cat litter before I get lazy."

I guess the house chore thought wins. As always. :P

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