Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween day FUN

How was your Halloween weekend? Still recovering from it? Hope everyone had a blast cause we sure did!

I wasn't going to dress up as anything since I dressed up Ellye but figured since I'm handing out candies to kids, I got to make it fun some how so I searched my drawers and decided to go with a nerdy costume. The MOST easy costume ever. No $$$ required! And it was doable for something I had to decide in 10 minutes!

And we had some BBQ! My husband & I literally filled our stomach with lots and lots of BBQ pork ribs! It was delicious. My mom really knows how to marinate meat! :D

Also, check out the pumpkins we carved! :D First one was carved by me. Second and third by my husband! 

Ellye was such a good sport all day! Waiting by the candy basket for kids to come by and protecting it from my husband from stealing one by one! Haha. I'm so glad we got tons of kids that day! I got to say that all their parents are all artists! So creative with their children's costumes! :)


Michelle said...

Aaw, your costume is super-cute!! :) As is your puppy. :) he he. Sounds like you had fun! I love seeing kids all dressed up in their cute costumes...he he.

miran said...

Thanks Michelle! It sure was fun seeing all those kids dressed up! :D They were so polite as well! Every single one of them said "Thank you"~ So adorable~ :)