Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baking fun w/ Kailyn!

Monday was baking day with my friend, Kailyn!

She is one of my coolest and favorite girlfriend who I've known since grade 9! She is an awesome blogger/writer so go check out her blog!

As cool as Kailyn already is, she seems to find these cool stuff where ever she goes! You will know what I mean if you read her blog. So on her trip to Seattle, she bought a "S'mores Cupcake Kit" and decided to bake it with me! :D

The instruction was super simple. I don't have kids but I thought this will be something you can totally do with kids too! It's so much fun! :D

And ta-da! It looks yummy and tasted yummy!

The "apron" that goes around the cupcakes, came with it as a part of kit. Honestly, we ended up throwing it out right away since we ate the cupcakes right away but definitely made us feel all excited eating cupcakes that tasted like S'mores!

I love baking cupcakes with Kailyn~ Full of chitchat & sweets~ :D


Kailyn said...

Yay! It was fun baking with you too! I'm glad you enjoyed it and the cupcake actually turn out quite yummy! It did taste quite a bit like Smores! I'm going to blog my pictures up soon! =D

miran said...

I can't wait to read your blog about it!

Lets do this more often!! :D

Lisa said...

was it yummy?????