Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekend Happiness

A fabulous weekend has gone by and it's already Tuesday. I can't believe it's almost halfway into weekdays. Feels like just couple hours ago I was sitting in my dining table enjoying my birthday party.

It was a surprise birthday tea party that was thrown by my most wonderful friends that I will treasure for rest of my life. Everyone did so well trying to hide this party from me. Including my husband, my brother AND my parents. Especially my mom, who normally isn't so good at hiding things from me~ ;) Again, I want to thank everyone for the party and those who wished me happy birthdays. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful family and friends!

The weekend was packed with surprises and happiness. Snow was my first gift from mother nature. It really started to pile up 30 minutes before my birthday. I just had to go outside with Ellye and play with snow till past midnight. Then, a birthday breakfast by my mom. Seaweed soup! It's tradition in Korea to eat seaweed soup on your birthday. Then, a surprise birthday party by my friends and my husband when I came home for lunch. Then, birthday dinner with one of my best friend and her boyfriend. Sunday was mainly relaxing, do nothing and playing The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess on Wii day. And birthday dinner with my brother. Also, I got a job offer too which I took! So I'm all set for 2011! :D

I told you it was a packed weekend!! :) It's surprise surprise every year. Did I mention that Ellye was a surprise birthday gift from my husband last year with a help from our friend? I seriously had no idea even till I got to the place to check out the puppies! Cause I thought my friend was getting a puppy. Not me! I bawled my eyes out immediately after my husband said, "Pick one". Lol. Good times.

Check out some of the photos my friends and I took over the weekend!

Snow snow snow!!!!! Thank you mother nature!

Photo taken by Shirley. All cooked and baked by my friends for my birthday tea party! They are all so talented!

Photos taken by Athena. Some shots from the party. Loved the decoration & food!

The gifts I've received!

Handmade birthday card from my hubby! Isn't it cute?

My hubby & I. I heart him!

We went a little crazy with the balloons. Haha. And nah, she is not being tortured. She actually loves balloons. We popped all the balloons but one for Ellye to play with!

After my birthday weekend, I've been pretty busy with my Christmas postcards! Will post updates soon!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Thought Bubbles are Fighting to be #1 Thought

Today is my random day.

A lot of things are boggling in my head right now. I see at least 5 different thought bubbles on top of my head trying to get my attention first...

"The weather is getting cold. Should I buy some more winter clothes? But I got tons already. Maybe not?"

"It was windy and rainy awhile ago and now it's all sunny outside! Should I take Ellye out for a run? What if it rains right when I take her out?"

"I've done 4 Christmas Postcards out of 6. What should my next card be about?"

"What should I make for dinner? Pasta? Rice? Meat? Salad?"

"Cat litter needs to be cleaned but it stinks... Maybe I will do it later.."

"Needs to mop around the house. I can see Ellye's footprints from earlier today when she walked in from her walk."

"There is iPhone 4 shipment coming in tomorrow at Lougheedmall Rogers. Hope I can get it."

"I should go mop and clean cat litter before I get lazy."

I guess the house chore thought wins. As always. :P

Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Postcards Postcards Postcards.... Post.. cards.."

These days all I'm thinking about is "Must get Christmas postcard designs finished!"

That's the first thing I think of when I wake up, after finishing lunch, after finishing dinner, after cleaning the house and just whenever I'm done with something I HAVE to do during the day. 

I've gave myself 4 days to design each postcards and only counting 4-5 hours a day since I still got to do chores around the house. Can't just ignore all that cause then the house will fall apart and my husband will starve. Lol. 

My birthday is exactly a week away from today. And honestly, I have no time to think about that. I am aware that it's coming and I am excited but that's about it! I'm just going to let my husband do all the planning! Heh.

"Postcards Postcards Postcards Postcards Postcard.... Post.. cards.." It rings in my head! 

So far I've done 2 postcards out of 6. So far so good and I am very satisfied! :) I am super tempted to post what I've done so far but my husband tells me that it's more of an wow factor when I'm all done 6 and post it all up at the same time. I definitely agree but I can't help the temptation! Lol. 

Anyways, tomorrow I'm starting postcard #3! Looks like I won't be blogging again till I'm done with #3 postcard and have some spare time~ 

If you are working on something Christmasy, share it with me! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I love Fall

My favorite season of the year is here! FALL!

I love fall! Everything about Fall makes me feel so fuzzy inside. 

Here are 10 reasons why I love Fall!

1. Boots! I love boots. Every time I walk into shoes stores, first thing I do is look for boots and try on boots! Sometimes I wear boots during summer time with skirt! Why not? Heh.

2. Long coat! I seriously own at least 15 med-long coats. I have pink, black, green, blue, brown and white coats! This is why my husband yells at me if I want to buy a new one!

3. Tasty soups! I loveeee eating soup during Fall. It just goes so well with the weather. Chicken noodle soup is my favorite! And Korean Tofu soup!

4. Halloween! I love celebrating Halloween day. Nuff said!

5. Prepping for Christmas! Again, who doesn't love Christmas? Where ever you go it's all Christmas themed. I'm listening to Christmas song right now as I type!

6. Fall trees! It's weird how nature works. As the weather gets colder the leaves turn yellow, orange, brown and golden colors. All warm colors. Even though it's cold out, when I stare in to those trees it make me feel warm!

7. Birthdays! My mom and I's birthday is in November! 10 days apart!

8. Blankets! I know this may sound childish but I like to warp myself in blankets and watch tv. You can't do that in summer! 

9. Cinnamon everything! Cinnamon scented candles, candies, pancake, cinnamon rolls, coffee from Starbucks and more. I enjoy it more during Fall~ It's funny cause I used to hate cinnamon but I heart it now.

10. Packed with happiness! Fall for me is just packed with events and good memories. I love fall. :)

Walking Ellye is so much fun these days cause it's funny to watch her go crazy trying to grab all the leaves on the ground! It can be a headache though if you want to have a smooth quiet walk. Hah.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Long To-Do List

My To-Do list is getting LONGER and LONGER every day. Yet I'm getting lazier and lazier every day. Just great!

I got tons to do around the house plus I told myself that I am going to create at least 10 different Christmas postcards. And this is something I got to finish before end of November if I want to get it printed and delivered to me so I can send it to my friends & families before Christmas!

Also, I'm realizing this blog needs a makeover! At least a decent top banner. Instead of "Miran McDaniel's Blog". So boring!

I'm pretty sure I will come up with more things to add to my list. Why am I doing this to myself? I guess keeping myself busy is a good thing?

It's going to be a busy November! :)


Finished my thumbnails for my Christmas postcards and I decided to do just 6 different postcards instead of 10. 6 will be just enough to finish on time plus my husband wants to join and create couple postcards with me!

See I wasn't being lazy today! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baking fun w/ Kailyn!

Monday was baking day with my friend, Kailyn!

She is one of my coolest and favorite girlfriend who I've known since grade 9! She is an awesome blogger/writer so go check out her blog!

As cool as Kailyn already is, she seems to find these cool stuff where ever she goes! You will know what I mean if you read her blog. So on her trip to Seattle, she bought a "S'mores Cupcake Kit" and decided to bake it with me! :D

The instruction was super simple. I don't have kids but I thought this will be something you can totally do with kids too! It's so much fun! :D

And ta-da! It looks yummy and tasted yummy!

The "apron" that goes around the cupcakes, came with it as a part of kit. Honestly, we ended up throwing it out right away since we ate the cupcakes right away but definitely made us feel all excited eating cupcakes that tasted like S'mores!

I love baking cupcakes with Kailyn~ Full of chitchat & sweets~ :D

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween day FUN

How was your Halloween weekend? Still recovering from it? Hope everyone had a blast cause we sure did!

I wasn't going to dress up as anything since I dressed up Ellye but figured since I'm handing out candies to kids, I got to make it fun some how so I searched my drawers and decided to go with a nerdy costume. The MOST easy costume ever. No $$$ required! And it was doable for something I had to decide in 10 minutes!

And we had some BBQ! My husband & I literally filled our stomach with lots and lots of BBQ pork ribs! It was delicious. My mom really knows how to marinate meat! :D

Also, check out the pumpkins we carved! :D First one was carved by me. Second and third by my husband! 

Ellye was such a good sport all day! Waiting by the candy basket for kids to come by and protecting it from my husband from stealing one by one! Haha. I'm so glad we got tons of kids that day! I got to say that all their parents are all artists! So creative with their children's costumes! :)