Monday, October 4, 2010

Tonkatsu aka. Pork Cutlet

Who is hungry for some tonkatsu? It's super easy and fun to make! :D

I like to make a bunch at once and put them in the freezer for lazy nights!

All you need is slices of pork, flour, eggs, bread crumbs, salt and pepper! First, I like to prep everything. One bowl for flour with little bit of salt and pepper. Another bowl for eggs. Last bowl for bread crumbs. As for the bread crumbs, I like to just take slices of regular white bread and toast and grind them. Don't have to go buy one of those special "bread crumbs" that they sell in stores. It's even more tastier with white bread! My husband said so! ;)

After prepping, I tenderize slices of pork with a dull knife. Usually you use meat tenderizer but I don't own one. And dull knife works just as well! Then, you take a slice of tenderized pork and cover it with flour mix and to eggs and to bread crumbs. And you can either cook them right away or store them in freezer!

It's really simple! You should try making them too! :)

Oh and don't forget to eat it with either tonkatsu sauce or ketchup! Enjoy! :P

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