Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nail art is not easy!

After reading Kailyn's blog, on "Nail Polish Marbline Tutorial", I decided to give it a try! It seemed easy and fun! Honestly, it was not easy. It was fun but I kept messing up and having to do it over again. Even my husband came out from the working room and said "I think you are doing it wrong..." So I removed and re-did it!

Annnnndddd, here is the final result! Tada!

I know it looks messy and terrible but not ALL are. Lol! Go check out Kailyn's nail here. She sure is pro at it!!!
And these two are my favorite out of all.

Now you go try!!!!

Oh and here is something to laugh about. My husband and I found her sleeping like this in middle of watching a movie. We had to pause the movie and take a picture. Lol.


Kailyn said...

Oh Yay, you did the tutorial! I think you did a pretty good job! It just takes some practice getting use too! It's tedious work, but if you keep playing around with it, it'll become easier! Youtube has some fantastic tips and examples!

Ellye is so funny in that picture!

miran said...

Thanks Kailyn! Hehe~ Ya I checked out few tutorial clips from youtube~ These ppl are like PRO! Lol. They all got like THEMES~ Haha

I'm going to try again soon! This is fun!!! :D:D:D