Wednesday, October 6, 2010

MmmmMM McDouble~

Who likes McDonald's? How about their McDouble?? Hopefully this commercial, my brother is in, makes you want to go grab a McDouble for yourself! Or for your roommate~ ;)

By the way, my brother is the one in the green shirt! And sorry for the bad quality video. I'm not very good at these thing so I just recorded my brother's commercial and recorded the tv with my camera!

Now go grab some McDouble!!!!


Justine said...

whoa that's awesome!!! he's like the main guy.. when i heard you mention he was in a commercial, at first i thought he might be in the background or something xD tell him congrats!

miran said...

Thank you Steen!! :D We are super proud of him! Haha~ I think it's a good start in his acting career!~ :D