Saturday, October 30, 2010

"I Do Not Like The Cone of Shame"


Ellye dressed up as Dug from Up Pixar movie! Took me 3 weeks to make that collar and it was worth it! :) Doesn't she look like Dug? She is very photogenic too! ;)

Here is Dug from Up!

And here is Ellye dressed up as Dug!

From many sides!

And close up of the collar!

I just can't wait to hand out candies to little kids on Sunday with Ellye and my hubby! Hope kids will recognize Ellye dressed up as Dug! 



steen said...

SO CUUUUTE!!! did it bother her??? did the kids say anything???

miran said...

Thank you Steen!!! :D It actually didn't bother her that much! I think she is used to it. XD The kids awedd and wanted to pet her. She was such a good sport! :D