Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How was your Thanksgiving?

How was your Thanksgiving Dinner? Did you enjoy your turkey? I sure did!! :D
I made Pineapple Turkey Roast and it was a success! It was delicious! And had some pumpkin pie to finish it off~ MmmmMmm~ I love Thanksgivings Day! :D

Check out few photos I took today! :)


Kailyn said...

Great picture, the food looks delicious! And I honestly never tried pumpkin pie before! Can you believe it! At least, I'm don't remember having any! Looks yummy!

miran said...

Thanks Kailyn! :D

Really? Never tried pumpkin pie??? HAha~ But honestly... You aren't missing much!!! XD I LOVE sweet potato pie. I should make some. MmmmMm for 3 years I've been making sweet potato pie every thanksgiving but his year I didn't cause i got lazy. XD But next time i make it I will save you some~ ;)