Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grape Jam

My parents bought me a box of concord grape couple days ago and knowing that my husband is not a big fan of grapes with seeds, I figured that I can't finish this all by myself!

So I decided to make some grape jam! We ran out of jam too so it was perfect! 

Honestly, I referenced few recipes but didn't follow ANY of it. All the recipes I found said to put 2 CUPS of SUGAR... I love sugar but not THAT much. Plus the grapes my parents got me are sweet enough. 

So this is what I did! 

1. Take 2 baskets of grapes (about 4 cups of grapes) and wash them in a large bowl. Wash at least 3 times with clean water to make sure you get rid of all the tiny bugs and dirt. 

2. Separate the grapes and stems. Throw away the stems and any bruised grapes. Put the cleaned grapes in to a large pot. Turn the heat on high and mash the grapes. Once it starts to bubble, turn the heat to low. 

3. Keep stirring with a spoon while still mashing the grapes. After about 30-40 minutes strain out all the seeds and grape skins. You might need to mash it a bit more using strainer to get all the juice out from the skin. 

4. Stir for another 30 minute to an hour checking the thickness of the grape juice. The trick I read and used was to put a drop of grape juice on a chilled plate and put it in the fridge for a minute and take it out and see if the grape juice runs when you slant the plate. 

5. Once the grape juice is thick enough take it off from the heat and let it chill in a pot. And then, pour in a jar. Or in my case, all my jars were being used so I just put it in a tupperware. Then store it in a fridge. Before eating, let it sit in a fridge for a day for a better tasting jam!!

6. After a day of waiting. Enjoy your grape jam with a bread! 

Again, I am terrible at giving instruction on making food. I never measure anything. Just go with my instinct! 

Anyways, my first attempt at making grape jam was a success! :D


Kailyn said...

That looks good! Whoa, I always thought jam was hard to make! My mom tried once before and she used these powder from stores. I think those might be a thickener or preservative. Looks yummy, I want to try it next time!

miran said...

Thanks Kailyn! :D Ya, it wasn't that hard to make but surely it's not AS thick as the jams you buy in stores. But it's definitely thick enough to put it on your toast. HAhaha~ OR Ice cream perhaps? Mmmm I should try it! XD Grape Vanilla Ice Cream~ Yum~ Hehee