Friday, October 1, 2010

Comic Update + Sleepy Ellye + 4 Leaf Clover = Random Post

Sneak peek of my comic #2!

Still working on inking right now. I'm on page 4 out of 10! 6 more pages to ink! :) Hope this panel gives you an idea what my comic is going to be about~ ;)

Ellye got a new comfy bed! She sure is loving it! Makes me want to sleep beside her cause she looks so comfy!

This isn't photoshoped. I really did find a 4 leaf clover! I'm so lucky!! :)

Now that was my random post~ :P


黃愛玲 said...

You're very talented with the comics.

Lovely blog. =o)

Nana Fujino said...

Can't wait to see it!!

miran said...

黃愛玲 : Thank you so much!!! :D :D

Nana: Thank you Nana!! Hopefully I can finish in couple of weeks!! :D

Solange said...

Surely u are lucky specially to have Ellye :$ she looks totally adorable *.*

miran said...

Thank you! :D

And thank you for visiting my blog!!! :D