Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Come Home" Edited

Check out my edited version of comic "Come Home".

My good friend, Peter Tyler gave me a good feedback/advice for my comic and I did few changes to it. I never really thought about using grays but it worked out great. As you can see, my snail pops out a lot more from the background and each panel is a lot clear to read.

Thanks Peter!


steen said...

i didn't have any complaints with the original, but now that you've updated it, i can totally see a huge difference and improvement. good work! i would love to see a coloured comic one day, which i'm sure will happen :D keep up the good work! ps. i'm going to link you to my site :D

miran said...

Thank you Steen!!! I'm glad that my original one was still okay. Haha I hope that means I went in right direction at least! XD

I definitely want to try another comic with a color but as you know I have a lot to learn about colors too so I decided to put that aside and do it step by step. Lol.

I'm going to link you too as well!!! :D