Monday, August 30, 2010

"Come Home"

Finally I've completed my first short comic!!!

It was definitely a challenge but I've learned a lot and had fun! :) I want to take what I've learned from this comic and do a better one next time. I'm already in process of coming up with a story for my comic #2!

Hopefully you guys will like my comic! Critiques are always welcome!!! Enjoy~

*Click on the page to view bigger and again to zoom!*


justine pulles. said...

ahh great job!!! this is awesome! is it just ink on paper? i love the stylization/designs. so cute! look forward to the next one :D

Corey said...

Well, you already know I like it! <3

miran said...

Justine: Thanks Steen!!! :D:D I used ink with brush on paper. And edited little bit on photoshop! I can't wait to do next one now. Gonna do it better. XD

Corey: Thanks hubby~ <3

Anonymous said...

Hunter and I love it! Very funny! Erin

miran said...

Thanks Erin & Hunter! You guys are awesome ^^